The Zoo Crew Exercise Game


NAFH has designed a unique exercise game that allows the participants to be the active part.  It consists of 12 x 16 inch markers with cartoon graphics and an exercise for the participants to perform at each station. In essence it is a giant board game. Everyone we've talked to gets excited and wants to know when they can play. They’ll love it and stay healthy at the same time. We now use a special NAFH spinner that is numbered 1-6 and includes the "Athlete's choice" happy face. As with standard board games, the participants spin and go to the station indicated by the number on the spinner (or select a favorite exercise if the spinner lands on "Athlete's choice").  They then perform that exercise. An indoor version has also been designed for days when weather does not allow for outside activity. Try our exercise cards if you'd like a more mobile version that emphasizes bodyweight exercises. A larger flash card version is also available for younger kids.


The game was debuted at the Spring Valley Health Fair “It’s How We Live” on April 25, 2015.  Kids visiting the fair were constantly at the game, rolling the die and running around completing the exercises.  Some kids came back to play 4, 5, or 6 times.  They had great fun and enjoyed the exercises.

The game is a modern method that gets and keeps kids of all ages interested in exercise play that they want to be involved in. These fun activities will also get the participants outdoors and off the couch while they get fit with the Zoo Crew.

$50,000 is required to get equipment into as many programs as possible. Our next plan is to develop sports specific exercise cards and more...!  We'll offer water resistant cards with new characters and exercises. We're excited about the new offerings which will include: football, baseball, basketball, cheer, soccer, exercise for seniors and water exercises (among others). Sign up for our newsletter, or check back soon, for more information.


Future plans include a mobile game app and physical site where families can exercise with the Fit Zoo Crew.


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"Color Me Fit": You Can Do It! Coloring book


Fitness can be fun—just like coloring a book or playing Follow the Leader! Join the Fantabulous Fit Zoo Crew to achieve new levels of fitness by coloring each exercise step and then copying each Zoo Crew member’s stance and movement. Make it a family event and have everyone join in. Learn all the fun exercises and repeat them regularly, and you can look forward to a life of fitness and health! Get fit with the Zoo Crew!


Available at the NAFH online store or your favorite online book store.  ISBN: 9781941384299.
















"Fit Zoo Crew Card Workout"


Looking for another option? Get fit with the Fit Zoo Crew Card Workout, where body weight functional exercises are featured on a deck of cards. Shipping available only within the United States. Standard and large cards available.


Order at the NAFH online store.