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Welcome to NAFH​!

It is the mission of North American Fitness and Health (NAFH) to provide America with a convenient, fun and effective opportunity for our youth, and their families, to increase fitness levels and wellbeing in a high technology gymnasium atmosphere that is bright and exciting and to which they will want to return time and again. 


NAFH, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was created to help end obesity and diseases associated with obesity.  An increasing number of children are becoming overweight and obese through lack of exercise and poor nutrition.

A fun exercise board game, with participants as the pieces, was created by NAFH. A digital gym, featuring characters from the game, is planned in order to help children, and their families, become active. Some of the benefits of exercise include: improved performance in school, weight management, improved self-esteem and learning to live a healthier lifestyle. Your donation will help to prevent obesity. Tax ID 46-0531855.

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