NAFH and You


North American Fitness and Health (NAFH), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was created to help end childhood obesity and diseases associated with obesity.  An increasing number of children are becoming overweight and obese through lack of exercise and poor nutrition.


A fun exercise board game, with children as the pieces, was created by NAFH. A digital gym, featuring characters from the game, is planned in order to help children become active. Some of the benefits for your children include: improved performance in school, weight management, improved self-esteem and learning to live a healthier lifestyle.




















Available Now! "Color Me Fit"


Fitness can be fun—just like coloring a book or playing Follow the Leader! Join the Fantabulous Fit Zoo Crew to achieve new levels of fitness by coloring each exercise step and then copying each Zoo Crew member’s stance and movement. Make it a family event and have everyone join in. Learn all the fun exercises and repeat them regularly, and you can look forward to a life of fitness and health! Get fit with the Zoo Crew!


Available at Sunbelt Publications or your online book store.  ISBN: 9781941384299.

















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